Hygiene 101- Causes Of Vaginal Smell-How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor

Kia talks on hygiene 101; female personal hygiene and our focus here is what causes the vagina to smell or bad odor and how to get rid of this vaginal odor, how to clean the vagina properly and home remedies to vaginal smell…

Causes of vagina smell/odor
1)Sweating causes the vaginal stink/odor
2)Overgrowth of bacteria (Vaginosis) leads to vaginal smell
3 )Douching causes the vagina to smell
4) Thick pubic hair and tight pants causes the vaginal smell
5) Not changing pad often during menstruation
6) Forgotten tampon
7) Poor hygiene
8) Cervical cancer cause vaginal smell
9) Unprotected sex with many sex partners

How to get rid of vaginal odor and home remedies to vaginal smell

– Use apple cider vinegar in water to wash your vagina
– Eat more fruits (pineapples) and vegetables
– Eat yogurt
– Use lemon water to wash your vagina
– Insert garlic into your vagina
– Wear cotton pants
– Do exercises like kegels
– Drink much water
– Take probiotics
– Always wash your vagina and dry with towel after pee/poo
– Wipe from front to back
– Always air your vagina(no panties when going to bed)
– No to douching and vagina sprays
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